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Nightingale Group Limited

Nightingale Group Limited offering cleaning and Janitorial services was founded in 2011, and incorporated as a limited liability company in 2015 by a group of nurses.

Our traditional business model is to provide unique professional domestic and commercial cleaning and sanitary services with a touch of health, focusing on infection prevention to both public and private entities.

Of course, the business of cleaning applies to all businesses, but we all want a piece of mind to concentrate on our core business activity without the worry of acquiring infections out of a poorly done cleaning process.

Nightingale delivers a suite of cleaning offers to accommodate all our clients’ cleaning requirements with infection prevention being key, regardless of the scale or industry setting of their business.

Our management and cleaning staff undergo specific training majorly on infection prevention to understand the science behind infection and proper disinfecting processes.Our basic skills training programme is supported by a suite of standard operating procedures and records of competence, giving us absolute confidence in the calibre of staff we deploy to your work premises.

Cleaning in the 21st century needs to evolve from its past. The previous techniques that were used to properly clean facilities will no longer take care of the larger infection risks. While some techniques will never go out of style like mopping, scrubbing, dusting and rinsing, the way that these duties are performed needs to adapt to the modern business cleaning environment.

Our core business is ensuring the continuity of your business in a clean healthy environment.

Our key mission is to bridge the health gap in the cleaning industry, ensuring that infections do not arise from cleaning procedures.


Nightingale Staff at work


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