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About Us

Nightingale group cleaning services division is part of the Nightingale Group Company Limited incorporated in Kenya under the companies act (Cap 486) in 2015. It was formed by a group of professional nurses seeking to fill the health gap in the cleaning industry.

Our traditional business model is to provide unique professional  cleaning and sanitary services with a touch of health, focusing on infection prevention to both public and private entities.

With our professional medical background, the group envisions to fill the health gap in the general cleaning of  facilities like, offices,  learning institutions, apartments, malls, medical facilities  and any other entities that are conscious about a “an infection free environment

In view of the evidence that transmission of many community acquired pathogens (CAPs) is related to contamination of surfaces, shared common facilities and equipment’s, the Nightingale group knows that cleaning practices should be tailored, not only to each facility, but to each room, and piece of equipment that is being cleaned.


Cleaning in the 21st century needs to evolve from its past. The previous techniques that were used to properly clean facilities will no longer take care of the larger infection risks. While some techniques will never go out of style like mopping, scrubbing, dusting and rinsing, the way that these duties are performed needs to adapt to the modern business cleaning environment Cleaning needs to become more specialized and less generalized if community associated infections are going to become a thing of the past.