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Corporate Wellness Program

Wellbeing programmes in the workplace have traditionally been viewed as a ‘nice-to-have’, but they are fast becoming seen as a strategic imperative resulting in a happier, more motivated and better performing workforce – and therefore a healthier bottom line.

We understand that in today’s environment it is more difficult than ever for employees to achieve a work-life balance.

At nightingale, we’re big believers in the power of wellness programs. Whether they’re reducing risk, saving employers on their bottom line, or simply making employees feel cared for, wellness programs can effectively prevent problems before they arise.

However, it is widely acknowledged that physical exercise coupled with the right nutrition is proven to be the most effective means to reduce stress and stress-related illnesses.



We can provide services that tick both of these boxes to include:

  1. We provide your employees with health screenings, exercise programmes and lifestyle analyses, along with weight management, cholesterol testing among others
  2. We give regular health talks your staff to help them keep update with health issues
  1. On-site medical services
  2. Workplace medical examinations
  3. Health risk screening and counselling including blood pressure, blood cholesterol ,blood glucose clinics, thyroid, bone density screening, prostrate
  4. Encourage and train on self-exams – breasts, testicles
  5. Medical surveillance programs
  6. Immunization and flu shots
  7. Active rehabilitation and return to work initiatives
  8. Self-care education (see health living programs)
  9. Disease management information and presentations including diabetes, stomach disorder, arthritis, asthma, allergy, pain control, foot and back care programs, chronic fatigue, migraines
  10. Nutrition counselling and weight control programs/posting BMI charts
  11. Fitness appraisals
  12. Health and safety fairs
  13. Hand-washing tips and reminders
  14. Visiting your doctor guide – tips to efficiency
  15. Childcare and eldercare programs and information