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School cleaning services

Nightingale Cleaning services believes in providing a healthy and clean educational environment that ensures the well-being of your students, visitors, and employees.

Shiny floors, clean glass, and spotless corners are what parents and guardians will remember when completing the enrolment forms for their young ones. Their first impression is the one that will make the biggest impact – so make yours count.


At Nightingale cleaning, we understand that children are very delicate, with underdeveloped immunity and therefore need more than just a clean environment, but an infection free environment with reduced chances of contamination and cross infection. Hiring the right School cleaning Service will improve:

  • Care, Capacity, and Capability to portray development of students.
  • Positive impact on parents and visitors.
  • Infection Control through environmental janitorial services like surface cleaning, sanitation, and disinfecting strategies.
  • Reduces Absenteeism (Sick days at school).
  • Increased flexibility in School Custodian Staffing Solutions.
  • Maximized value in your Facilities Budget.